About Jewish Autism Trust

Who Are We?

The Jewish Autism Trust is a charity that supports families of children with Autism or Aspergers. We are unaffiliated and welcome families across the Jewish community.

What do we do?

  • The Jewish Autism Trust Parents' Group gives members the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences and to give each other mutual support. We also organise speakers on a regular basis. Past speakers have included a tribunal judge, an SEN lawyer, a behavioural psychologist, a dietician and an autism expert.
  • Our successful 'Family Friends' program trains young people to work as volunteers, helping in our family's homes.
  • We also arrange monthly youth gatherings for teenagers on the autistic spectrum, allowing them to socialise through our activities.
  • The Jewish Autism Trust also holds family and fundraising events throughout the year.

Where Do We Meet?

The Jewish Autism Trust Parents' Group meets once a month in members' homes. The meetings are run by parents for parents. 

Guidance & Support

The Jewish Autism Trust is able to give your family guidance on any issue, be it at home, at school, or the workplace.The charity offers constant email support and keeps members updated with information that is current to autism.